Marie Kondo and her new Netflix show has ushered a new dawn of decluttering, turning home organization hacks into a tsunami of household before & after pics that are currently flooding social media channels.

This positive trend lends us to shine the spot light on the often-neglected area of human existence, being the office workspace. The average person spends one-third of their life at work and for so many this involves countless hours behind a desk, seeing the same keyboard, computer monitor and stationery supplies. You might even develop an unlikely affinity with a sticky tape holder, such is the boredom derived from your workspace. But there is no need to feel like it’s you versus your desk when you set foot into your workspace.

The reason for my optimism is the creation of the NoteTower Monitor Mount Document Holder. The Monitor Mount displays documents in portrait and landscape directly adjacent to computer monitors. Documents are supported with the aid of clever folding arms that prevents them from flopping out of view. But what sets the Monitor Mount apart is that it not only displays documents, but it neatly displays photos and sticky notes. That’s right, all those unsightly sticky notes, posted around your monitor, can now be organized and displayed in clear view.

Displaying favorite photos and inspiring messages can quickly enrich a boring workspace. Craig Knight, a psychologist and founding director of Exeter and UK-based Haddington Knight, a company that uses science to improve business performance, has found through his research that “Employees who put at least one picture or a plant in their cubicle are 15% more productive than those who don’t.” This research is telling us that a simple photo or plant on our desk, makes us happier as it provides us with a sense of identity and in relation to the photo, a sense of motivation. An example of motivating photos are those of our partner, wedding, children, pets and favorite holidays. Having a frequent chuckle at a photo of you and your friends at a recent 80’s themed fancy-dress party is always fun too. In short, an enriched workspace makes us happier and we work better when we are happier.

The findings of this research are quite striking but what was evident through our own research is that apart from clunky photos frames, there was a lack of a tool that efficiently displayed photos within the workplace. That is until the release of the NoteTower Monitor Mount.

The NoteTower Monitor Mount does away with clunky photo frames that typically hold the same photo for years, as we become too lazy to swap it out with a new photo. Wrestling with photo frames every time you wish to change a photo is not everyone's cup of tea. Seeing the same photo everyday for years essentially defeats the purpose of having the photos in the first place, as motivation derived from the photo can stagnate over time. Sticky tape and blue tack are often used to stick photos on monitors, but sticky tape damages photos and weakens over time resulting in the photo falling off the monitor. Similar issues occur with the use of blue tack. Whereas the Monitor Mount neatly clamps to desktop monitors, laptops and tablets and displays up to 3 photos at the one time without damaging them.

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So the NoteTower Monitor Mount allows for the personalization of your workspace with favorite photos, organizes your desktop and boosts productivity. You would be very much satisfied with these amazing benefits alone, but fortunately the NoteTower provides ergonomic benefits too. By efficiently displaying paper items directly adjacent to your monitor, the Monitor Mount reduces eye and neck strain by mitigating repetitive neck movements when looking down to reference desktop documents. I know I am biased, but for under $15.00, this little product packs a whole lot of benefits.

The NoteTower Monitor Mount is finally providing a solution for the easy display of photos and important notes in the workplace and in turn adding some much-needed life to boring work spaces. Marie Kondo would be proud.


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