Our Story

Hello, we're NoteTower®


…and we're here to make it easy for people to unclutter their desktop and organize their workspace.


NoteTower was established after personally enduring first-hand the frustration of desktop clutter and an untidy work space. You see, my love for adhesive notes caused a problem…. I had them stuck everywhere…. around my computer monitor, desktop, lamp, filing trays, everywhere! As a result they were hard to manage, even if I was initially in denial. So the thought came to mind… wouldn't it be handy to have something that keeps my important notes organized and all in one place.


Since then we have been making all sorts of clever office gear in our quest to create innovative and simple to use products that help people stay organized so they can get more done.


Eric Costas

Managing Director & Founder of Trophius Pty Ltd


Our Philosophy - Giving Back

Although having a cluttered desktop and misplacing notes is a frustration for many people, we should consider ourselves fortunate as there are millions of people throughout the world that do not enjoy the modesty of owning a pen or pencil to write with. It's our view that every single human being on this planet should have in their possession a pen or pencil in order to enable them to express their feelings, passions, ideas, messages, and stories. This should not be a luxury for some but rather a necessity for all.


Our Commitment - Donations
We had a long hard think about how we can help address this issue and thanks to a simple google search, we came across the story of Adam Braun and Pencils of Promise. As we found through our research, Adam Braun has created a fantastic international non-profit organization that was derived from Adam's humble start of handing young children pencils during his travels to now being directly responsible for the construction of over 300 schools. 

Pencils of Promise has already had a huge impact on the lives of the young children of Ghana, Guatemala and Laos by providing them new schools, scholarships and educating their teachers. We were so taken back by Adam's story and Pencils for Promise that we knew they were the right path for NoteTower to give back.


So our commitment to our Customers and Pencils of Promise is to donate 5% of all profits from the sale of our NoteTower®Desktop products to Pencils for Promise. Every sale of a NoteTower desktop product helps.


Our Targets - Classrooms & Schools
Our first donation target via Pencils of Promise is to the fund the secondary school scholarship of 20 students. These scholarships provide the resources they need for a full year of school. Each scholorships costs USD $250, so our goal is USD $5,000.

Refer to the link below to view our Pencils of Promise Fundraising Page.


After we achieve this goal our next goal will be to fund the construction of a school which has a cost of $35,000 via Pencils of Promise.


After achieving these two goals our aim will be for the NoteTower® donation to fund the construction of as many schools as possible. We will keep you up to date on our progress via our social media accounts and our website.