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Welcome to NoteTower

Hi we’re the Costas family. We are the creators of the NoteTower home & office organizing products. We are a proud family business based in Sydney, Australia that has grown from a back yard shed by creating original products that service a genuine purpose and not just junk.

If you love new products that solve a problem, work better and make your life easier then you’re going to love it here at NoteTower. That’s all we do.

Our skillset is creating organizing products with super functionality and stylish elegance that fit neatly in your place of work and study. This is our passion and our love, meaning we pour our smarts and hearts into our products.

So from all of us here at NoteTower, thank you for getting behind us and sharing in what we do. We’re glad you’re here with us and we look forward to making a difference to your lives.

We’re on a mission

It’s our mission to create innovative home & office organizing products for time-conscious consumers.

Welcome to NoteTower
Our Story

The Frustration

If you look at your desktop monitor, does it have notes stuck to it?
Do you have sticky notes stuck on your desk?
Do you have photos, notes, list or schedules stuck to the walls of your study or office?
Do you find yourself searching for misplaced documents, notes and important information?

If you say Yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. In keeping important information at our finger tips, we attempt to place this information in clear view so it easily accessible. This is fine until over time we become consumed by all these paper items that are fighting for our attention and this develops into work space clutter. With work space clutter, comes an unpleasant working environment and poor productivity.

This is precisely the problem that led Sydney based engineer Eric Costas to develop a solution that would allow you to display important paper items in clear view and manage those paper items over time without the need of tacks, pins, tape or glue.

NoteTower, as it’s called due to the vertical desktop tower and array of clever clips, is the unique solution that allows you to effortlessly organize and display your documents, notes and photos in perfect view.

The Solution

The idea came to Eric whilst enduring first-hand the frustration of desktop clutter and an untidy work space. “I had a sticky note obsession that was out of control. I had them stuck around my computer monitor, desktop, lamp, filing trays… everywhere! Then one day I lost a note with the flight details for my parent’s incoming flight to Sydney and I had to pick them up. I couldn’t call them as they were in the air and I had no idea of the flight number or the time of arrival. After several hours of speaking to airline staff the crisis was averted but the frustration lingered. “

“After that experience I thought, wouldn't it be handy to have something on my desktop that keeps important notes organized, holds them so they don't get lost and displays then all in the one place so they stay in view and front of mind.”

After a look around the market place it was clear to Eric that there weren’t any products that effectively addressed the issue. So Eric decided to develop his own desktop note organizer.

What was initially a simple tower that held notes and developed further to hold photos, would then eventually develop into something more when upon reviewing the initial sample Eric’s wife Sara said “it would be even better if it displayed documents too”. So after further development, clever folding arms were designed that when folded out would support copy paper, but could be folded back in when displaying smaller paper items. New samples were made and the feedback was overwhelming.

The first of it's kind NoteTower product, called the NoteTower Desktop Pro was created.

The Solution

The Benefits

The multi-functional nature of the NoteTower Desktop Pro was instantly heralded by customers who had similar frustrations with organizing notes and paper items. The feedback was resounding and it became apparent the extent of sticky note and desktop clutter from the customer feedback.

Customer were replacing clunky photos frames with the NoteTower Desktop Pro as they enjoyed the ease in which they could display multiple photos of family, friends and pets and then effortlessly swap the photos over after a period of time in order to keep their motivation fresh.

Other customers such as office worker were excited by how the NoteTower Desktop Pro enabled them to personalize their work space whilst students were enjoying how the product made it easy for them to reference documents, draft assignments, track notes and memorize text for exams.

From initially developing a product to organize notes and unclutter work spaces, it was quickly found that the first of its kind NoteTower was able to boosts productivity, improve motivation and be an ideal study tool.

The Evolution

After the success of the NoteTower Desktop Pro, Eric went back to the workshop to develop the next NoteTower product being a Monitor Mount version that attaches to monitors and the NoteTower Monitor Mount was created.

The NoteTower Monitor Mount has been a great success and very well received by customers. “We had one customer, who was a student, write to us to say how the NoteTower Monitor Mount improved his study by helping him manage his attention deficit disorder. It was a very special and touching email and it was heartening to know that our product made a real difference to that young mans life.”

In recent times the NoteTower team have pursued their biggest challenge so far by entering into the Whiteboard category by reinventing the Dry Erase Board experience with the new NoteTower Dry Erase Combination Boards, and the journey continues.

The Evolution

The Statistics

"With well over 80 Billion Sticky Notes sold throughout the world each year, we’ve made organizing them a little easier“
Eric Costas of NoteTower

“You become 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, simply by writing them down on a regular basis”
Dr. Gail Matthews, psychology professor at the Dominican University in California

“The average person wastes 4.3 hours per week searching for paper, which increases stress and reduces concentration and creative thinking”
National Association of Professional Organisations

“77% of American workers say clutter damages their productivity”
2011 OfficeMax survey

“A person who works with a 'messy' or cluttered desk spends, on average, 7.5 hours per workweek looking for things or being distracted by things”
Dr. Donald E. Wetmore, Time Management Expert

“Paper clutter is the No. 1 problem for most businesses”
The National Association of Professional Organizations,

“Out of sight; out of mind. When it's in sight, it's in mind”
Dr. Donald E. Wetmore, Time Management Expert

“90% of American workers believe clutter has a negative impact on their work”
2011 OfficeMax survey