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The product evolution for the first NoteTower is described in parts below;

Part 1
From the initial lightbulb moment, the early form of the original NoteTower desktop tower was created. Its wasn't pretty, but it was a modest start.

Part 2
After spending time creating samples and handing them out for some feedback, the general response was, 'Nice product, but it would be even better if the clips could hold photos and not just thin notes'.

Part 3
To say the redesign of the clips took a while to get right is a fair understatement, but Eric and the design team persisted. Once again samples were made, which thankfully, looked much better than the previous design. From those samples Eric's wife Sara proposed, 'it would be even better if it held copy paper.

Part 4
So it was back to the drawing board and after further development, clever folding arms were designed that when folded out would support copy paper, but could be folded back in when small paper items were being displayed. New samples were made and the feedback was 'Really cool products.
The first of it's kind NoteTower product, called the NoteTower Desktop Pro was created.

Part 5
This part is the most humbling part of the product evolution and the most satisfying for the NoteTower team as this is when the initial customer feedback came in after sales of the first production run. Samples of the inspiring feedback include;
- "Improves my study by helping me manage my attention deficit disorder"
- "No more sore neck from referencing down to documents"
- "I can concentrate for longer and be more productive"
- "It's a must have study tool for any students"