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Note Tower 17" x 23" Black Wood Framed Calendar Combo Board

Note Tower 17" x 23" Black Wood Framed Calendar Combo Board

The First of Their Kind Pin-Free Dry Erase Combination Boards
The Patented NoteTower® Combination Boards display paper items free of pins and tacks making them the safest and smartest combination boards ever.

Damage Free Paper Holding
The innovative flexibleclips hold valuable photos and important paper items without damage or tearing from pins or tacks.

Safest Choice For Family Use
The safety hazard of pins falling off cork combination boards, makes the pin-free NoteTower® Combination Boards the safest choice for family use.

More Writing Space Than Any Other Combination Board
The slim design of the NoteTower® display rail, maximizes the board writing surface leaving more space for writing notes, messages and to-do lists.

High Quality Wood Frame
The elegant, sturdy and high quality solid wood frame is perfect for use at the home, office, classroom and dorm room.

Convenience At Your Fingertips
The simple one-handed insertion and display of lists, coupons and reminders provides a better way to keep track of important paper items.


> Super-functional design gets you organized
> Display Rail holds photos, documents, posters, charts and more
> Easy Mounting hardware using either double sided adhesive pads or screw mounting brackets.
> Fast Insertion And Removal of Paper Items without damage
> Includes quality Black Dry-Erase Marker and 2 x NoteTower Clip Magnets.